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Electric Map

Illuminating the Valley Campaign of General Stonewall Jackson during 1862.

The Electric Map is a vertical 14-foot relief map of the Shenandoah Valley stretching 150 miles from the Pennsylvania line to Staunton, Virginia. More than 300 LED lights indicate troop movements as an accompanying soundtrack describes the action of the competing armies.

The map was created for the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Centennial Commission by the staff of Joseph Ney’s department store in downtown Harrisonburg for the Civil War Centenniel Commemoration. Dedicated on March 23, 1962, the cash book lists 30 viewings with sales and donations totaling $45.80 for the remainder of that month. The Historical Society acquired the map in October 1968. 

Now over 50 years old, the Electric Map is an artifact itself and a lesson in history interpretation. Unique to a bygone era of museum displays, the lighting and original soundtrack provide a vintage educational experience for the visitor.


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